This house is being lovingly restored by me, John, and my long-time friend Brian Harris. We both grew up in the suburbs of New York City but moved out west for the promise of bigger and better things, the technology of Silicon Valley, and more space to build! San Francisco was naturally a great place to come, full of vibrant and smart people, beautiful architecture, and plenty of things to do.

Me, working on the fireplaces

In the time I’m not working on the house, 9am – 5pm, I have a job as a senior software engineer where I help to develop the next generation of the Internet. That passion for innovation carries over into everything I build from cars, to woodworking, even to this old Victorian. You will also see us using sustainable materials, high tech gadgets, and open source technologies in an attempt to modernize and make the house more ‘green’ while keeping its Victorian charm.

My other work can be found on my personal blog where I write in more detail about some of the geekier things I do in my free time, designmills.com.

Brian carrying grass for our old place

Brian Harris is the chef and the muscle around the house. When he is not slaving away on this Victorian he works as a marketer, product manager, and now as a software developer. He has an eye for simple and clean design from flatware to furniture.