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Front Stairs and Restored Facade February 12, 2021 1 Comment

Since purchasing the house in 2008, its always been on the list to restore the old staircase to its original grandeur. Although we don’t have any photos of the house from the 1890′s, we have some great examples in the neighborhood that have many of the same artistic detail and styles. With the help of Centoni Restoration we were able to come up with an original looking design made with the same craftsmanship that was used back then.

All of the work was hand done and meticulously fitted and refitted over and over again until it was perfect. The new stairs were built from the ground up with a solid new foundation, pressure treated lumber, African mahogany stirs, and redwood detail and balustrades. These stairs are now bomb proof, look beautiful, and will last another hundred years.

But the project didn’t end with just the staircase. While we were at it we decided to widen the driveway, replace the concrete with cobblestone, and replace the front door and stained glass with something original.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the way that it turned out. It was a very long project which was further delayed by the pandemic but well worth the time and planning. Without Gina Centoni and her crew this never would have gone so smoothly nor looked this beautiful.