Backyard Foundation Completed January 31, 2012

Its only day four here on the project and Adam, Sean, Jorge, and Fidel from Wooley Landscapes have made a huge dent the in workload. Their attention to detail and pride in this project is something you’ll only find in an owner operated business like this one. We’re flushing out ideas on the fly and adapting to the landscape which feels very organic. This is also how we like to do things so it’s a great fit.

Laying PVC pipe for underground electricalAbove you can see the PVC being laid that will carry the 240v needed to power our IR heatlamp. I’ll provide more info on that once we get closer to that step. Below you can see the foundation and first row of blocking. There is also low voltage light wiring as well as draining holes in the concrete.

Foundation and blocking laid

More photos to follow tomorrow as the progress continues but here’s a sneak peek of some of the materials that have just arrived. To the right you can see the thick blue slate pavers right next the redwood that used for the pergola. In the back of the photo are the long Ipe clapboards that will be used for the walls and the benches.

Materials Delivery

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