Backyard Nearing Completion February 19, 2012

Pergola and Ipe Fence

Well the project is running a little behind schedule but these things happen. We’re designing details on the fly and have packed a lot into this little space. As you can the blue slate patio is almost in but is a painstaking process as they are running diagonally which means lots of 45 degree cuts. We wanted to break up the squareness of the space and I think this definitely accomplishes that goal. Below you can see there is still a ways to go.

Patio and Pergola

Below you can see the LED lights we installed from Elemental LED which are based right over the bridge in Emeryville. They were very helpful and ended up buying about 20 feet of their Warm White Waterproof LED strips. We still may need to put a filter over them to warm the color a bit but we’ll wait until the project is finished to make the final call.

Lights under benches

Led 9 Watt Lights May 22nd, 2012

Hey your led lights are looking good. I will suggest you to add one or two small lights on top. It will definitely give good look.

House and Land Packages August 23rd, 2012

Hey thats a very good job. I wish i could have a backyard like this. Especially at night with the led lights on, it looks like a proper dance floor. Very good job done.

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