Rear Siding Complete March 6, 2011

Back deck complete

Well after 4 months, well over the allotted time for the job, the back of the house is complete. Everything is buttoned up, painted, and in working order. The entire back of the house was opened up, stuffed with insulation, covered with plywood, wrapped with a vapor barrier, and finally draped in concrete-fiber clapboards called Hardiplank. Hardiplank is cheap, easy to install, and lasts decades. Also, since its made from concrete it wont rot, warp, or be attacked by bugs.

In addition to the new siding, the master bedroom got 3 new double insulated Pella windows as did the kitchen and bathroom. The deck was also beefed up structurally and properly bolted to a new ledger that was absent before. How this deck stood up for so many years as it was is still a mystery to me.

All in all, its good to have this thing buttoned up on the western side as it takes the brunt of the weather. I wish I could say the insulation helped more than it does but we still have so many sides not insulated that it didnt make much of a difference; although the master bedroom does benefit from the new windows slightly.

Rear siding complete

Here is the Flikr photo set of the process:

laurenjanelle April 5th, 2011

Oh, it looks absolutely beautiful. The colors you chose are very charming.

Daniel's Construction August 12th, 2011

What a beautiful color palette … I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog! Thanks for these posts, you just gained a fan :)

Daniel's Construction August 12th, 2011

Such a beautiful color palette … I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog! Thanks for these posts, you just gained a fan :)

Matt Hargett March 19th, 2017

Can you discuss which contracting firm you used for this work, and the approximate cost in round figures?

John Clarke Mills March 19th, 2017


I wouldnt recommend the firm that I used. I had used them before with great results, but as I continued to use them, they continued to get worse and worse.

Also dont remember the cost but it was not cheap. Every house is different however. Our job was very big and involved new doors and windows, insulation, and a sheer wall underneath the clapboards. Not everyones project is intense as mine. Also, the San Francisco building department can be a tough one with all the rules we have in California.

Whatever you end up doing, be sure to check on your project many times a week. Pay attention to the little things. For example, I came home one day and found an outlet that I used to have just covered in the wall. They were just being lazy and didnt think I would notice.

Best of luck!

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