Create A Lightbox In A Skylight May 13, 2009

Light box in the skylight

A simple way to add drama to a room is to add some indirect accent lighting. We had held off on painting the skylight box just for this reason. Once the wiring was all done, it was time to buy some rope light and crown molding.

The goal is to add another layer of molding in the skylight box and hide the rope light behind that, providing and indirect glow from the skylight. This project is really quite simple and the only tricky part is getting the crown molding just right. Most miter saws actually have the proper angles and dimensions written on them. If not, there are plenty of videos and how-to’s on the web.

Really, there’s not much more to it than cutting four pieces of molding, adding a rope light, some paint, and voila! Instant depth and drama to an otherwise boring part of the room. All in all, the project only takes a few hours, minus dry times between paint.

Trent February 16th, 2016

How did you wire this? Outlets behind mounding?

John Clarke Mills February 16th, 2016

Trent, yes. I hid a regular Jbox and output behind the molding

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