Recreating Moldings July 22, 2010

Recreating victorian moldings

After the old fireplace was removed and the new one was put in we had to recreate moldings that were long gone. To do this, we called our friends at SF Victoriana to recreate the moldings from a scribe. This is also how we had the staircase recreated. This time however, we had the luxury of cutting some of the molding we already had so they could create it perfectly.

After a week or so they had our paint grade poplar moldings done. Unfortunately it had to be created in three separate pieces because it was so tall. No matter, the nail gun loaded with brad nails made it easy to attach to the wall after lots of mitering and test fitting. All in all it turned out great and this room is finally complete.

Victorian moldings restored

Zack July 26th, 2010

Lookin Good Man!

laurenjanelle February 14th, 2011

That looks great! It matches so well.

John Clarke Mills February 14th, 2011


Thanks! We have a bunch of crazy projects coming up that I think you’ll enjoy, one being a Victorian library. Stay tuned.

Nance January 5th, 2014

that base is a thing of beauty.

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