Renovating the Rear Siding October 15, 2010

Back of the house being torn apart

Construction began on our house over a month ago and is finally approaching the final stages. We had the entire back of the house opened up to replace all the siding, move the electrical and plumbing inside, fix a few of the beat up windows, as well as add insulation. The job was supposed to be much simpler but of course there is always an unexpected turn with an old house. Our contractor found dry rot as well as some very unsafe workmanship when the house was built which had to be replaced.

Below is a photo of what the back of the house used to look like. The previous owner probably decided to cover the thing in shingles rather than deal with the upkeep of the original clapboards.

More pictures to follow as the project continues. For now, check out the progress on flickr.

Kristink November 16th, 2010

Hi John
I have been trying to find your email or contact information, but had no luck. I would appreciate if you could contact me via my email or blog.

Nance January 5th, 2014

wonder why/how the window got placed smack dap against the door? I love old houses. Wish I could interview the builders.

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